Second Set Project

Introduction to Project Management & Scratch Video Game Programming & Drawing for Kids w/The MADE (Saturdays, June 10 – July 22, 2017)

For a second time we partnered with The MADE.   This time we added a Scratch Video Game Drawing class to the program. We changed our requirements for the classes. Instead of three 2 hour project management classes we changed the class to  Six 1 hour classes, To receive a Certificate of Completion, the students were required to attend 6 Project Management classes, 3 Scratch Video Game Programming classes and 2 Scratch Video Game Drawing classes.

Here are the summaries for each class:

*Class 1 of 6  – Saturday, June 10, 2017

*Class 2 of 6  – Saturday, June 17, 2017

*Class 3 of 6  – Saturday, June 24, 2017

*No Class      – Saturday, July    1, 2017    In celebration of  4th of July

*Class 4 of 6  – Saturday, July   8, 2017

*Class 5 of 6  – Saturday, July  15, 2017

*Class 6 of 6  – Saturday, July  22, 2017

During our second classes, one of the MADE’s volunteers introduced herself and offered to teach our kids Video Storytelling.  After reviewing her site information, we were so impressed we wanted to work with her.  Unfortunately, she was leaving for New York to live in August 2017.  After getting buy-in from the children we decided to add Lam Thuy Vo’s class to our program.

Around the same time decided to start the kids’ first project – A Simulated Lemonade Stand!  Actually, we’d already decided on the Lemonade Stand but when we learned that Lam was leaving soon we decided to combine our first project with the video storytelling class.  Lesson regarding Scope Change.

Starting with 5th and 6th or last classes, we started planning and incorporating the Simulated Lemonade Stand into the classes.  To learn more about First and Second projects, the Simulated Lemonade Stand and Video Story Telling project, click here.

Second Project Contributors

PJMan & The StarGazers Team

The MADE Teachers & Staff