Saturday, December 30,2017       2018 Planning for Kids

Although this session is designed for graduates of the Introduction to Project Management & Leadership, Scratch Video Game Programming and Drawing/Computer Graphic class, all kids were welcome to participate in this class.

In spite of not being able to get projector to work and internet connectivity briefly, we were able teach another principle _Work Arounds and had a very productive day.

Topics covered and decided by kids:

  • Decided our Decision Making Process;
  • Asante Africa Foundation crowdfund project:
    • Determined that we’re going to offer all options for the crowdfund; hopefully to reach everyone’s level for participating:
    • Prefer to use GoFundMe vs direct in order to help bring more awareness to issues re: educating kids, especially girls, in Kenya, Tanzania, and all of Africa however one of our metrics is customer satisfaction so will pass by client_ Asante Africa Foundation;
    • Fundraising goal will be set at team level vs individual to make more collaborative process and minimize stress for kids who’ve never participated in a fundraiser before.
  • 3 graduates helped with websites:  Green Lantern, Storm and LadyBug;
  • Storm and Green Lantern demonstrated our app “PJMan Learns About the Solar System”from the Hackathon ; we ran out of time because it took a while for kids to obtain access to their gmail accounts;
  • The planning session ended with a civic lesson re: the elected officials for the MADE’s district and preparation for the 1 year anniversary, graduation and Remember Them project _ Saturday, January 13, 2018.  In addition to the 25 Humanitarians we will honor with websites that contain video game, videos, stories, apps and possible robots we will also honor the following elected officials:Elected Officials