Celebration of First Year, 2017 Graduates & Remember Them Project Kick-Off

Grads from first class

We taught our first Introduction to Project Management for Kids Saturday, December 3, 2016.  To celebrate this milestone, we met at the Remember Them monument in Oakland, CA to celebrate our partnership with the MADE (Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment) which coincided with our first class,  the 30 2017 Graduates, Martin Luther Kings Jr.’s birthday and Day of Services.  We also invited the 8 elected officials who represent the MADE’s district.  The kids received beautiful Certificates of Recognition for their accomplishment in completing the class and projects we will work on.

Special thanks to Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf  and Councilwoman Lynette Gibson McElhaney for sending representatives: Julian Hayes, Urban Leaders Fellow / Leadership for Educational Equity Fellow Mayor Schaaf”s office and Brigitte Cook, Sr. Constituent Liaison from Councilwoman McElhaney’s office.  Julian Hayes and Alex Handy, Director and Founder, of the MADE (Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment) assisted Sonja C. Stewart, Founder of PJMan & The StarGazers along with Sherri Alphonso and Donna Jacobs (Key Leaders/Directors of PJMan & The StarGazers) to award the kids their certificate.  Turns out we picked a very busy weekend to celebrate.

In addition to receiving certificates from the Mayor of Oakland and councilwomen, the kids receive a Congressional Acknowledgement from Barbara Lee’s office and inspirational certificates from Keith Carson and the Alameda Board of Supervisors, California State Senator Nancy Skinner.  In the future, we hope to work with all of our representatives on some of the projects dear to them.

Prior to the celebration, the kids received a brief Civic overview of the office of President of the United States including the Vice President, federal, state, county and city government.  Brigitte Cook, Sr. Constituent Liaison from Councilwoman McElhaney’s office has offered to come in and give a more in depth lesson for the kids.


We also used this occasion to kick off our 6th project – Remember Them……based on Oakland Native Artist, Mario Chiodo’s monument.  For this project, the kids have selected 2-3 of the 25 humanitarians and 8 elected officials (including the US Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, California Assemblyman Rob Bonita and President Donald Trump), Mario Chiodo and few more to make websites using Google Sites that reflect their work.  The kids will use branding skills, videography, create a video game using Scratch, create an app. to work with Google Home, Echo and other voice devices, and other mediums to represent the person(s) they’ve selected.

To end the event, Mario Chiodo came in from Calistoga to speak to the kids.  He shared a little about his childhood, how he got starting in his art career and then more of his work including being the creator of the statue for ET and Yoda.  The kids were amazed and didn’t want him to leave.

As this project progresses, the kids will share the websites and stories.

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