Thanks again for attending our Scratch Class.  Below you will find, the instructions for using Scratch and the link to the project we created, as well as for the  artwork the PJMan & The StarGazers Kids created in between classes.  If you want, you can re-mix this project and customize it and make it your own.

Remember, Scratch is meant to be use to explore coding so be adventurous and try out all of the features including re-mixing video games and presentations.

NOTE (Oct. 6, 2018):  In case you haven’t heard, the next generation of Scratch 3.0 is coming January 2019.  The Beta of 3.0 version is available to try out now.  I’m not sure if the current version will still be available but Scratch 3.0 works the same.  The interface is just a little different.

Facebook 2018 Hackathon _Instructions for Students

Link to Project we created taught by Storm , Omega and Green Lantern79

Link of Galaxy Gamer008

Link to Art Class taught between classes

Username and Superhero Name of kids who used our Usernames (contact us ( if you forgot your password)

Superhero Name      Scratch Username

Shazam                       PJManFBKid_1

SuperGirl                    PJManFBKid_2

Ironman                      PJManFBKid_3

BigBoomD                 PJManFBKid_4