First Project – Partnering with The   Update Saturday, February, 11, 2017

For our first project we taught  kids beginning Project Management and from the MADE taught Scratch video game programming skills.  Classes took place Saturdays, December 3 and 10, 2016 and January 7, 2017 at The in Oakland, CA USA.  Each day the first 2 hours of the 3.5 hr. classes focused on project management and the last 1.5 hours focused on Scratch video game programming. Scratch is a tool developed by MIT to teach kids 8-16 to code/program video games (  We developed a project plan and road map to introduce the kids to project management tools, methods, and concepts. The kids’ projects were the actual 3 part class and a published video game on the Scratch site   After completion of the class, each kid received a Certificate of Completion or Participation, a Scorecard and Superhero character (To use to represent their work and hide their real identity for safety reasons).  Copies of each of our tools are at the bottom of this page.

The Project – Program a Scratch Game and Publish to Scratch Site

We partnered with The MADE (The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment) in Oakland, CA, the Oakland Public School District and the Oakland  Technology Exchange West to offer an Introduction to Project Management and Video Game Programming class to students ages 9-15 years old.   The Oakland Technology Exchange West  provided free recycled computers to our low-income children.   Initially, we allowed a couple of 8 year old to join the class with siblings.   We invited a younger kid who was very good at programming and when we asked if he would help other kids he graciously said, “Yes”.  We didn’t know until his mom returned the registration form and application that he was only 6 years old -wow (little genius).  Read more

The Outcome

In spite of a number of major storms and sicknesses, four kids completed all classes.  Another 8 completed and published their games.  Two of those returned and participated in the kids’ first project – The Simulated Lemonade Stand.

It takes a village…

As mentioned above, we are also collaborating with the Oakland Technology Exchange.  They provide free recycled to computers to low income families in the East Bay.  Out of the 14 kids who are initially showed interest in our project, more than half of the families are low-income and working with Oakland Technology Exchange to receive free recycled computers.

What’s Next?

Once all the kids have computers at home, we’re going to give the kids (whose game don’t have all the features taught) the opportunity to remix their game so it has all of the features and works.  You will be able to find the remixed games with our Scratch projects on the Scratch site.

Kids who graduate the program will work on actual projects.  The purpose of this program is teach kids Project Management, Leadership and Programming skills.  We’re hoping they use these skills as they work on school and personal projects.  We also plan to expose them to various industries and occupations and show how project management skills are used. We also show how we all use these skills everyday starting with getting to class on time.


Special thanks to the following


Our Contributors…  Click here for list

PJMan & The StarGazers Team Members, Students and Parents

Team members

Thanks for volunteering some of your extra time!  Some of our team member volunteer hours and hours of time to bring this project to life.  Others gave up about 30 minutes to an hour during the busiest time of the year (December 14, 2016 – January 3, 2017) to QA Test our kids’ games.  Most of our member’s are from our LinkedIn group:  PJMan & The StarGazers.  Others were family and friends.

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Students & Parents

Thanks for waking up early to arrive at class for 8am on your Saturdays.  Click here for list of Students: Future Project Managers, Programmers and other Professionals  Click on superhero name to see game


Oh, and yes.  We code too *-*


Teacher’s games

Brooke Dawson, PMP  aka  ChimChim-Cheree

Donna Jacobs  aka PrimaDee

Sonja C. Stewart, PMP    aka PJMan  This is the game that started this project.  I created this game by building from scratch.  I took a class on Coursera then created this game.  I then tried another game and ran into a problem.  I found out about The MADE .  They were teaching free Scratch classes for kids.  I was going to crash the class but I found out the class was for kids first, then their parents then adults.

PJMan’s 2nd Game 010717

PJMan’s 3rd Game during Global Game Jam @ The MADE 012117


Project Management Tools


Certificates of Completion


Project Plan  (Coming soon!)

Project Roadmap

For more information, contact Sonja @ (510) 575-4322 or