Join us as we learn about how people from every walk of life use project management to manage projects in a number of different industries.

Speakers share stories about what they were like as kids, what they wanted to be when they grew up (if they knew), what they are doing now and how they got there.

Seats are first reserved for kids who have completed the Introduction to Project Management Class.  For Information regarding next class, click here.


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Previous Speakers:

Saturday, December 16, 2017 Erna Grasz, Founder/Director of Asante Africa Foundation: Erna was our first speaker. She previously was an engineer at Lawrence Livermore Labs and an executive for a robotics company in Silicon Valley. Her organizations, Asante Africa Foundation will be the first recipient of our first project – a Go Fund Me project to raise money to build schools in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Africa. To learn more about the Go Fund me project:

Saturday, January 13, 2018 Mario Chiodo, CEO Chiodo Art Development: Native artist, Mario Chiodo is the artist of the Remember Them Monument in Oakland, CA. After celebrating our 1 year anniversary at the monument, Mario came in and spoke to the kids about the Remember Them Monument and other projects he has worked on as well as some of his current projects.


Saturday, June 16, 2018 Takeo Kimura from Intel _Program Manager/Project Manager for Autonomous Driving Cars spoke to the kids about his project as a Project manager on the Self Driving Car. He also shared with the kids about Japan to align with our leadership program and exposing the kids to various cultures and countries. Finally he told them what skills they needed to develop to be good project manager and for any occupation they were interested in.

In addition to the Self Driving Car project and Japan, and as with all of our speakers Takeo  shared what he was like as a child, what he wanted to be when he grew up (if he knew), what he’s doing now and how he got there.

The objectives of this class were:

  • To help our kids see how professionals are actually using the same skills and tools they are learning to  implement the project management and leadership skills they’ve learn to plan, manage and monitor their projects;
  • To see people who do and don’t look like them use the same skills they are learning and to help make those skills more relatable;
  • To help see how things that can seem so technical be relatable;
  • To expose and teach the kids about diversity in terms of various industries, occupations, disciplines, cultures, countries and thoughts;
  • To learn about and see leaderships skills that will inspire them to help discover their future career path.


Takeo is originally from Japan and moved to the US to Chicago, IL at 7 years old due to he’s parents work. Graduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison with an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. Currently working at Intel in the Programmable Solutions Group as a Technical Program Manager, being a project manager for their Autonomous Vehicle Initiatives.

He has 2 boys aged 9 and 8, and loves to run, play soccer and travel with his family. He’s also lived and worked in Denmark, Tokyo and most recently in Germany as a project manager.

Although the in person presentation was wonderful, here are the slides from the presentation:  Project Manager Takeo Kimura