Ever participated in a Hackathon?  Ever created an App?  Come out and learn how to create an app for Google Home.  You know, that little device you speak into and it answers your questions. Remember the Jetsons?

Google Home speakers enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google’s intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant.

Veda Rogers, Director of Education at The MADE (Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment)  will lead and host this Hackathon using Dialogflow to create voice apps for Google devices like Google Home. We’ll start out with the adults for an overview of the Hackathon process and what to do to make an app, then we’ll (kids) break out into our own groups of 1-4 team members or stay together as a group.  Sonja C. Stewart, PMP and Donna Jacobs from PJMan & The StarGazers Kids will guide the kid groups.  As much as possible, we’ll empower the kids to develop their own app, of course, we’ll start with a simple project plan, determine roles and then let the fun begin.

Top submissions for adults and kids will be submitted to Google Home.

Hackathon is an event where people come together to code something.  In this case, we’re going to learn how to code an app that will work on Google Home (the voice tool that allows your to ask it questions and it gives you answers using your voice to control it).


To register:

Kids (7 to 15 years old), click here

Adults (16 and older), click here


9am until  around 6pm or earlier   Saturday, November 25, 2017

9am – 6pm     Sunday, November 26, 2017

  • The kids will decide how long they want to stay Saturday and come in Sunday;
  • Lite breakfast w/ Semi Freddi’s pastries each day;
  • Final submissions due at 2pm (Sunday);
  • Presentations start at 3pm (Sunday)

@ The MADE (Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment)

3400 Broadway   Oakland, CA

Please  feel free to drop-in from 9am to 6pm on either or both days.  However, the kids will decide how long they want to stay Saturday and when they want to start Sunday so check here  for updates.

Create an order for each child you plan to register, .

Follow-up emails will have “PJMan & The StarGazers Kids” in the Subject Line.