Introduction to Project Management for Kids

Our second set of Project Management and Coding classes started Saturday, June 10 at the MADE.  9 kids registered but 4 missed the first class due to conflict which we are anticipating giving this is the summer.

For this set, we added Scratch drawing.

Our class consisted of kids ages  7 to 15 yrs old.  I was surprised when the 7 year old showed up but I was assured she’d be OK and it turned out that  she was able to keep up and hold her own. Our program is targeted for kids from Oakland, and this set of classes we received our first kids from Oakland.  Our other kids come from as far as San Jose and Rodeo.  One of our kids comes from San Jose and had already created over 100 games in Scratch.

We started at 9am with an overview regarding what it means to be a leader and discussed leaders we admire and what qualities and characteristics we admire in them.  Then we discussed the possibility of us being leaders.  We then started discussing project management and some recent projects in the bay area large and small and then our own personal projects. Finally, we started exploring techniques to define and develop the scope of a project including making sure goals are SMART and clear.

Scratch Video the Game Programming Class

From 10 – 11:30am, Al Sweigart from the MADE taught us how to code a Brick Breaker video game using Scratch. Some of the skills we learned were: Creating Forever loops; Conditions statements: If Then & If Then Else; Repeat; We worked with X & Y coordinates and positive & negative numbers; Used preprogrammed graphics and created our own messages See our projects in our Scratch Studio


Scratch Drawing Class

12 – 1pm Al Sweigart from the MADE taught us how to create our own graphics in Scratch.  We used tools in Scratch to create backdrops for the  stage; Played around creating our own twist on Piet Mondarin’s style designs including shaded versions.

Here was the lesson:  Teacher’s Example ( see examples click, See Inside, Backdrops and then

Overall, the kids and adults enjoyed getting to know each other, learning and creating.  Our 7 year old said, “It felt like she was on a field trip”.

Teachers and staff were Sonja C. and Sophia Stewart.


Scratch Video Games:

Teacher’s – Al Sweigart



1Epicchamp  Had over 100 games before starting our program

Harleyquinn061017   *Student nor I knew this superhero is a villian. She will be changing name of superhero.

JMoneyx (Still to Come)

Kyubifire2 – Wait for Next Game

Uilly2001 (Still to Come)

PJMan (Instructor – Project Management for Kids)



Scratch Drawing Galary


Teacher’s – Al Sweigart




PJMan (Instructor – Project Management for Kids)


Featured Art



Harleyquinn061017 – *Changing name