Kids’ First & Second Projects _ The Simulated Lemonade Stand & Video Storytelling Projects

 The Simulated Lemonade Stand & Video Story Telling

Initially, this project was going to be an actual lemonade stand but when we started considering the cost of permits and other expenses and time verses any profit we’d make we decided to use the opportunity to explain about prototypes, pilots and alpha and beta testing.  The actual simulated lemonade stand occurred Saturday, July 29th with a Lessons’ Learn workshop the following Saturday, August 5, 2017.


This video is a joint effort of PJMan & The StarGazers Project Management Program for Kids, The MADE (Museum of Art & Entertainment) and Video Story Telling Instructor, Lam Thuy Vo. This is our kids’ first project and first video (Yeah!). The week before this video was made some of the students had just completed a 6 week project management, Scratch Video Game Programming and Drawing classes July 22, 2017. Two of them were from the first class that ended January 7, 2017. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, the kids arrived at 8am Saturday July 29, 2017 to started their first project, A Simulated Lemonade Stand. Before the Lemonade Stand opened they participated in Lam’s Video Story Telling class and used “Making a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich” to practice interviewing/reporting, responding and video-graphing using various camera angles to make a video. For their final story, they used the Simulated Lemonade Stand (pilot/prototype). The kids returned for a final class Saturday August 5, 2017 which was a Lessons Learned session. 11 kids participated.

Here’s the final video:

Here is the list of roles and members of the team pictured/involved.
Project Manager wholikmincraft 12 yrs. old (In background watching on: videoed from shoulders down w/clipboard)
Cashier GreenLatern79 8 yrs. old
Customer Kas142007 10 yrs. old
Server Batman 9 yrs. old
Reporter1 1EpicChamp 12 yrs. old
Videographer Uily2001 15 yrs. old
Videographer 2 CoolJ2 8yrs. old
Reporter2 CatWoman 11yrs. old
Quality Analyst Lady Bug 7yrs. old
Cost Analyst / Scheduler SuperWaffle 12yrs. old
Customer JNGNG HN 8yrs. old


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