The objectives of this project are:

  • To help our kids implement the project management and leadership skills they’ve learn to plan a project and further develop their scheduling, project progress/performance reporting, monitoring and control skills.  This includes monitoring their budget, schedule, quality, risks, customer satisfaction, etc.…;
  • To provide kids with the skills, tools and experience to crowdfund a project in the event that they ever need to for college, a project/program, business, etc…;
  • To educate the kids and our community about issues around the world and to help learn about people from other cultures and countries; and help them to better appreciate what they have;
  • To teach kids the principles of Paying it Forward;
  • To allow the kids to use hard and soft skills learned to work as a team and plan this project; Although adults will help guide the kids, the kids will make the decisions about the project starting with deciding how decision are made as a group.