Parents Look on as kids learn how to program first Scratch Game – Dec. 3rd 2016  To see more pictures visit our Gallery

Our group started July 22, 2016. We started planning our first project in August 2016 with a partnership between The MADE (Museum of Art & Digital Education) in Oakland.  We teach kids project management (PM) and leadership skills and the MADE teaches them Scratch Video Game Programming and Drawing/Computer Graphics.  The Drawing class was added June 2017 and changed to Computer Graphic October 2017.

Our plan is to prepare our 30+ 2017 graduates of the Introduction to Project Management and Leadership Program (which requires the MADE classes )  to start working on projects in Oakland, CA to benefit to community.  As the kids work on the projects, they will use PM skills and roles to manage their projects.  When room permits non-graduates can participate on projects however, lead PM roles are reserved for graduates first.

Although our program has a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focus, we expose our kids to as many of their career options including entrepreneurial options and allow them to determine their own career path.  In addition to equipping them with skills, we brings speakers in from every walk of life who use project management (everyone does in some form or fashion) to share their experiences with our kids.

We will also expose them to the various cultures around the world to prepare for futures which may involve working in various countries and in the US with people from multiple cultures and countries.

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Class and Project Overviews


December 3, 2016 to Present



Introduction to Project Management, Leadership, Scratch Video Game Programming and Computer Graphics Classes.

Using a book report as our example, we introduce kids to Project Management Institute’s (PMI) or Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOX) standards for managing projects adapted for kids.  We also use our Simulated Lemonade project to explain the various aspects and roles associated with projects.  Then we partner with the MADE (Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment) in Oakland, CA who teaches the kids Scratch Video Game Programming and Computer Graphics.  All classes are free and taught by professionals in each area who volunteer their time and are passionate about teaching these fresh, young and gifted kids.



1st set of classes for kids started Saturday, December 3, 2016 and ended January 7, 2017 with a 3 week gap in between the second and last classes.  Kids met 3 Saturdays for 2 hours each for Project Management( (PM) & Leadership class, then for 1.5 hours for Scratch Video Game Programming.    Initial assumptions were that most kids would have computers in their home or access to computers and would be able to work on games during the 3 week gap.  We found out that this was not the case and eliminated the gap in future classes.

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First Class                       December 3, 2016

Second Class                 December 10, 2016

Third Class                     January 7, 2017


2nd set of classes for kids started Saturday, June 3., 2017 and met for 1 hour per week until July 22., 2017 for Project Management & Leadership class, then for 1.5 hours for Scratch Video Game Programming, played in Museum for 30 minutes and finally took a  Scratch Video Game Drawing class for an hour.  We assumed that the 2 hour PM & Leadership class was too long so we changed it to a 1 hour class.  To learn more, click here.


3rd set of classes for kids started Saturday, October 21 and met for 2 hours per week until November 4, 2017 or Project Management & Leadership class, then for 1.5 hours for Scratch Video Game Programming, played in Museum for 30 minutes and finally took a  Scratch Video Game Computer Graphics/Drawing  class for an hour.   After trying 1 hour verse 2 hours for the PM & Leadership classes, we determined that the 2 hour class was best.

For a third time we are partnered with The MADE.   This class the MADE surprised us with a new computer graphics teacher,   Jack Pryne so instead of simple drawing using Scratch our kids will learn from a professional. Our last drawing instructor was excellent and we were very appreciative to have him.

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4th set of classes for kids started Saturday, January 27, 2018  and end February 10, 2018..  Kids met 3 Saturdays for 2 hours each for Project Management( (PM) & Leadership class, 1.5 hours for Scratch Video Game Programming, play in museum for 30 minutes then take an Art class for another hour.  This set of classes is the same as the previous 3 but as we learn more about the kids we change the curriculum to meet the kids’ needs.  Also for graduation we gave the kids planners so we’ll be adding more time management and since graduates are developing websites for themselves and the humanitarians and/or elected officials that they chose, the Art class will provide exercises that can be incorporated into their websites.

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The Kids’ First & Second Projects

The Simulated Lemonade Stand & Video Story Telling

Saturdays, July 29 & August 4, 2017

Initially, this project was going to be an actual lemonade stand but when we started considering the cost of permits and other expenses and time verses any profit we’d make we decided to use the opportunity to explain about prototypes, pilots and alpha and beta testing.  The actual simulated lemonade stand occurred Saturday, July 29th with a Lessons’ Learn workshop the following Saturday, August 5, 2017.

Here’s the final video:

Write up     …coming soon.

To see more videos, visit our YouTube Channel by clicking here.


Third Kids’ Project

Create Your own Google Sites Website

November 11 & 18, 2017

The kids had lots of fun learning all the options for creating  their own websites.  Google did a wonderful job with the new Sites tool.  It’s so easy for kids big and small to use.  I also incorporated an Adobe Sparks video to the kids for my sample website.  Unfortunately, Adobe was having some technical issues that I didn’t know about and as a result I was up all night trying to upload pictures and recording over and over again to point that my voice is strained.  Although I know I should do it, here’s the sample website and  video I used to teach the kids.  I’ll re-post once I re-record it and post samples of the kids as soon as I can.  They created the most beautiful website.  Will post when we catch up.

4th Kids’ Project

Hackathon a DialogFlow Voice App for Google Devices including Home

Saturday, Nov. 25 & 26, 2017 9am -6pm

Update coming soon…

We were able to create a voice app or Chatbot titled “PJMan Learn about the Solar System” and every kid participated in the Pitch of our app.  Most were terrified of speaking but they did they’re part.  We’ll share the video of our pitch which has the demonstration of our app in the testing phase soon also.

Special thanks to Veda Rogers and her team (Nanette, Jo, and Chuck) for their assistance.  We are forever grateful……



Kids’ Fifth Project & 1st Speaker Series

with Erna Grasz from Asante Africa Foundation

Saturday, August 16, 2017

…..You guessed, write up coming

Erna was as expected a fantastic first speaker.  Not only did she share a little about her own life journey, she also helped the kids learn more about what it means to be a kid in Kenya and Tanzania and what the chances are of going to school.  The kids really enjoyed exploring the instruments, clothing and toys she brought back from Africa.

She explained to the kids that not only are they citizens of the US but they are also global citizens with responsibilities.

As a result, we will add that factor to our curriculum as well as use this part of our program to prepare our kids to consider careers that may take them to other countries and/or work with people from other countries here in America.  We also have a line up of Cross Cultural Leadership Development professional to teach the kids.

Finally, the kids were really excited about the Crowd Funding  project to raise money for Asante Africa Foundation.

Again…. look for more info soon..




 1 Year Anniversary Celebration and Graduation for all Introduction to Project Management and Leadership Graduates

Featuring Speaker Mario Chiodo and his Monument… Remember Them

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Free Speaker Series – 6th PJMan & StarGazers Kids Project – Remember Them Project & Celebration of 1st Year Graduates

To learn more about the Remember Them Monument, click here.

Poem by Mario Chiodo, artist of the monument click here

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