Introduction to Project Management for Kids

After taking last Saturday off in observation of 4th of July, we explored the areas of Stakeholder and Risk Analyst and Quality.  We’re still using a book report for our illustration. For our Leadership skills we learn what it means to be Proactive.  Since we picked up 4 new student, we used the opportunity to revisited being confident while introducing ourselves.

Scratch Video Game Programming

We had a full classes with no seats to spare for the Scratch Video Game Programming class.  Al Sweigart and Mike Pavone taught the game titled Boomerang! New skills learned included programming game to move when arrow keys are used. At this point most kids have completed their required 3 Scratch Video Game Programming classes but the kids love this class. See our Scratch Studio for the actual games

Scratch Drawing

We picked up about 5 new students so Al Sweigart repeated techniques from previous classes to allow the new kids to catch up.  What was so nice is that the kids expounded on what they already knew and made even more creative designs.  Some of them discovered some other techniques by just exploring and taught me how to create different affects.  Whoo hoo……   Since my own daughter has been little (about 3 yrs old), I’ve always been open to learning from kids.  Most kids have completed their required 2 Scratch Video Game Drawing classes. Between this class and the programming class the kids are allowed to play in the museum and as a result we lose some in this class due to the lure of the games.  They really enjoy the games they get to play in groups.  See our Scratch Studio for more

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LadyBug:  Plays a musical game where she has to hit a drum or the petal that is color coded & corresponds to the same color that is displayed on the screen positioned in front of her.  The background simulates her performing at a concert.  As she hits the correct instrument, she plays a song and gains points.  If she hits too many wrong notes, the game ends.  She or another person can also sing along.  Video coming soon…