Since we provide our services Pro Bono, members give their much appreciated time based on their availability.



Sonja C. Stewart, PMP  Founder & Project / Program Manager

Since 2009, Sonja (a native of Oakland, CA) has wanted to bring Project Management Professionals from the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world together to Network, Develop Professional, Business, Leadership and Personal skills.  For over 20 years, she has volunteered for many organizations in the San Francisco / Bay Area.  Finally, in August 2016 she took the leap and started the group PJMan & The StarGazers (PJMan stands for Project Manager).  Our first project began immediately in December 2016 partnering with the MADE (Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment) to teach kids ages 8-15 yrs. old beginning Project Management, Leadership and Video Game Coding/Programming skills.

Sonja is responsible for developing our Project Management Methodology, tools and the Program for Kids.  She also teaches the lessons.

Sonja, first began her Project Management career in 1994 while working for the University of California Office of the President as an Benefits Analyst.  She took her first Total Quality Management class there and began implementing the skills she learned.  Then while working for Kaiser Permanente at the Oakland and Richmond Medical Centers in 1998, she took her first Project Management class through Project Mentors and that began her quest to become a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  She received her Certificate of Completion in Project Management from UC Berkeley Extension in 2000 and became Project Management Professional (PMP) certified in 2006.  She served on the Board of Directors for the Project Management Institute (PMI San Francisco / Bay Area Chapter) from 2007 –  2009 and served as a teller for the Board of Directors for the global/headquarters of PMI from 2007 to 2009 as well.

She has completed  a number of coding classes included:  Basic, C, C+, Pascal, Fortran, Colbalt and now Scratch.  She learned Scratch prior to partnering with the MADE but she recognized the valuable work they are doing.

She is a mother of one (Asia Stewart Washington).

For this project, Sonja developed and taught the project management classes as well as lead team.


Sherri Alphonso, Program Analyst

After seeing the impact of enrolling her grandson in our program, Sherri decided to join our team.  She assists with the classes in a number of roles including coaching.  Sherri background includes extensive knowledge of payroll.

Sherri assisted as a cashier, hall/bathroom monitor, scribe during class to record important decision.

Dorothy Davis, Data Analyst

With a Bachelors Degree in Physics and a number of years of QA experience, Dorothy will be reporting on the impact of our program.  For now, this is a work in progress since our program is still new. More to come soon….

For this project, Dorothy started the process of assessing the information we gather to explain our impact and effectiveness.


Donna Jacobs, Quality Assurance / Control Lead & The Voice


Donna is one of the original members of our group.  She, Brooke and Sonja are responsible for developing our QA processes, guide and leading the team for testing of the kids’ games.  In addition to being the QA lead, Donna is the voice behind our Mission Impossible style self detonating audio message with instructions for the kids’ project (SHhhhhh…… they don’t know it’s her).

Donna’s background includes over 20 years experience in the Telcom industry as a Program Manager.  Prior to that, she serviced our county n the US Navy.

For this project, Donna recorded the instructions to explain the kids’ mission.  She is the Voice.

Deborah Neal, Children’s Program Admin.

Since 2008, Deborah has been  a Bay Area Principal Project Management Professional.  She is the newest addition to our team and will be helping with administrative activities for the kids’ program.

For this project, Deborah helped by printing the Certificate of Completion and Participation.


Sophia Stewart, Program Analyst

Sophia has more than 20 year experience in the Tel-com industry working as a Implementation Manager.  Her background also includes training teams in California, Oklahoma and the Philippines.  Sophia’s contributions include coaching, program development and adding value in a number of capacities including adhoc activities.

For this project, Sophia assisted as a cashier, hall/bathroom monitor, scribe during class to record important decision.