Introduction to Project Management for Kids

We started with class learning about diversity of all kinds including that or thought, how various people from different disciplines may approach a matter using a different approach.  Then we continues the lesson from the previous class adding:  What’s in it for me? (WIIFM), quality assurance, alpha & beta testing, our process map for the simulated lemonade stand, and then we physically went to a visualization exercise to visualize what our actions would be to execute the lemonade stand.

Then we selected roles for the simulated lemonade stand.  Based on order of arrival to class, each student pulled roles from a bowl.


Roles included: Project manager, cashier, server, project cost analyst, project scheduler, quality analyst, videographer and reporter.


Scratch Video Game Programming

Jeremy Sachs taught this class.  The lesson was to create a mimicking  game with 2 characters: The player and a boss with the player mimicking  the boss.  The game player enters an a, e or d to move the player  + or – 90 degrees or + or – 100 steps to mimic the boss. .See our Scratch Studio for the actual games

Scratch Drawing

Al taught us designs with loopy loops, layers of circles then squares, fractual designs and finally how to make a maze.  See our Scratch Studio for more