Speaker Series_ Erna Grasz – 5th Project

      Erna Grasz is the CEO and Founder of Asante Africa Foundation.  Asante Africa Foundation helps tribes, villages and communities in Kenya, Tanzania and soon Uganda to build school with educational programs.

Erna was previously an engineer for Lawrence Livermore labs and then an Executive for a robotics company in Silicon Valley.

Saturday, December 16, 2017 and then again on January 20, 2018 she spent time talking to the kids about her childhood and how she ended up becoming an engineer.  Then she spoke to the kids about Africa in particular Kenya and Tanzania.  She also brought clothing from Africa and let some of the kids put it on as well as instruments and toys (kids make from recycled material like paper bags and cans).

She also talked about the kids understanding that they are Global Citizens and encouraged them to learn more about people and issues around the world which is one of our goals.  Since some of the kids will probably work on teams make up of people from all over the world, we are also learning about different cultures to improve our people skills.  A number of our kids are from countries from around the world also.

The kids really enjoyed her time with them.

Our third project is a Go Fund Me for Asante Africa Foundation.  Our goal is  to raise $1,482 for uniforms, eBooks, Electronic Tablets and desks.

For this project, we are learning more about our world, how to manage a crowdfund campaign, how to fund raise, how to give back and how to manage everything using project management and leadership skills.

We will start with a project and marketing plan, and then set goals for our budget, our campaign financial goal, schedule, risks, stakeholders, scope changes, customer satisfaction, etc…

100% of the proceeds (minus the Go Fund Me fees) from this campaign will go directly to Asante Africa Foundation  headquartered in Oakland, CA.  They help communities , villages and tribes in Kenya and Tanzania, Africa build schools.  In addition to educating the kids from the local area, they teach leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Here’s how you can help:

For:       You can Purchase:
$1           (1) eBook (Electronic Book)
$3           (1) eTextBook (Electronic Textbooks)
$20        (1) Uniform (Top, bottoms and vest)
$35        (1) Uniform & a Pair of Shoes
$40        (1) Desk that seats 3-4 students
$50        (1) Electronic Tablet w/ 10 eTextBooks

Feel free to give more.  Every dollars helps!

Again, your giving keeps on giving.  As you donate to our Go Fund Me, our kids learn more about monitoring projects and seeing how their efforts affect the outcome of the projects while kids in Africa and their families and villages receive the resources they need to live better lives.

As this project processes, we will share more about what we’re learning so you and the kids in your life can learn more from our efforts.

To learn more about Asante Africa Foundation, visit
their website: https://asanteafrica.org/

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