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Made from Scratch

We are a diverse group of Project Management Professionals from every corner of the globe connected by the common goal of using project management skills and tools to manage teams. As we work on projects in our professional life and in our communities, we bring a combination of technical, creative and innovative skills blended with our own unique secret sauce to manage projects for our clients.  Since we are volunteering and giving back from our free time, it has to be fun and it is.  You can join us by requesting to join our LinkedIn Group – PJMan & The StarGazers.


Since December 2016, we’ve been serving the Oakland, CA and San Francisco Bay Area. With the support of our Partner, The MADE (The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment) we developed our flagship kids’ program (PJMan & The StarGazers Kids) to teach Project Management, Programming, Entrepreneurial and Leadership skills.

Starting at our first anniversary celebrating, held January 13, 2017 and in honor of Martin Luther Kings’ birthday and President Obama’s celebration of Nation Service Day, launched our Angels Unaware program to incorporate kids from PJMan & The StarGazers Kids to understand the importance of lifting others while we climb and better ourselves.

Hometown Flavor

We started our first project in Oakland with the intention of eventually assisting Project Managers from our LinkedIn group with projects in their own communities (globally).  With that, the hope is that our projects will reflect the flavor of the communities we live in and give the communities and our members more hands-on skills and the ability to work with people from diverse cultures and thoughts

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