Kids & Projects

Remember when you teachers assigned you projects like book reports and science projects when you were a kid. Remember your projects in college. How did you ever manage to complete them and turn them in on time? Did you sometime miss the deadline because you procrastinated until the end and your mom or dad angrily helped you so your grades wouldn’t suffer? Well, we remember and because we relate we help kids to develop their natural born leadership skills to take control of their project and school life while working on fun, interesting projects that they will remember for life. …All for free.

Due to Covid_19, and health issues our program is on hold but stay turned and we will resume shortly. We’re grooming graduates from our program to lead the next classes and projects. In the meantime, enjoy stories and pictures from previous classes, speakers series and projects…

Previous Classes

Initial Class | 3 Saturdays, December & January 2017

Delicate, flourless hazelnut cake, completely gluten free – and tasty


2nd Class | 6 Saturdays,

Yellow cake with white frosting, topped with white cream


Chocolate Cake

Decadence in chocolate form, exquisite dark chocolate in every form


Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate layers of cake and mousse, covered in chocolate ganache


Raspberry Cake

Yellow cake with white frosting, topped with fresh raspberries


Lemon Pound

A modern spin on a all time classic, topped with fresh lemon curd



Mixed Fruit

Tart shell, custard, strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, cherries, and apricot glaze


Mango Raspberry

Tart shell, custard, mango, raspberry, cherries, and apricot glaze


Kiwi Strawberry

Tart shell, custard, kiwi, strawberries, cherries, and apricot glaze


Lemon Raspberry

Tart shell, custard, lemon, raspberry, cherries, and apricot glaze


Speakers Series

The purpose of the Speaker Series is to expose kids to potential career options by having candid conversations with people from ever walk of life who use project management and that’s actually everyone.
They will talk to the kids about what they were like as a kids and wanted to be when they grew up and finally how they ended up doing what they do.

Special Events